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Do you consider yourself a coffee lover? So this recipe is for you. A delicious treat for any time of the day. Sweet, creamy and delicious coffee latte treats.
Before tasting this recipe I couldn't have imagined how delicious it would be. It is not only Earl Grey Tea, but also Lavender and Rose flavored cupcakes and the frosting has some honey. Enjoy the recipe!
I loved this recipe as I am a huge fan of Chai Tea. Delicious spicy, moist and sweet Vanilla Bean Chai Cupcakes, frosted with Classic American Buttercream, of course with a spicy secret.

Cupcakes con vainilla – { 6-8 cupcakes } 100 g Harina de repostería 90 g Azúcar blanca 1 cdta Polvo para hornear 1/4 cdta...

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