About Julian Angel - Historias del Ciervo by Julian Angel
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Julian Angel was born in Colombia. He is always searching inspiration from anywhere based on his experience as a designer, social media manager, photographer and product designer. Julián Ángel began his adventure in 2015, via amateur baking and food photography passion with “Historias del Ciervo”, a project that combines different areas of visual art and home baking, with a completely global vision accessible to anyone, crossing language and cultural barriers, thanks to the use of visual narratives and making the most of social media, to teach, transcend and innovate.


Julian Angel has already hosted workshops all over the world including: Medellín, Bogotá, Barcelona, Paris, Jakarta, Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, San José, Singapore, Bangkok, Miami, New York, Monterrey, Ciudad de México, Lima, Montevideo, San Salvador, Riyadh, Santiago de Chile, Dubai.


Check out here my participation in the Eat, Capture Share Podcast with The Little Plantation.


Take a look into Julian’s upcoming international workshops.

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